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    About Us


    About Us


      豐登公司是國內專業生產大米拋光機的骨干企業,目前公司擁有人員100余人,年銷機器1000余臺。目前擁有MPGT、MP、D/S 3個系列15種機型,可以滿足不同規模、不同地區、不同原糧的廣大用戶需要。公司積累了20余年大米拋光機的設計、制造經驗,加上客戶至上的售后服務理念,多年來一直是國內拋光機產品的行業引領者。因為專,所以精!公司會繼續專注于大米拋光機產品,精益求精,為用戶奉獻更完善、更省心的產品,公司將秉承低調做人,高調做事的行為準則,與廣大客戶互信、互贏!

      Zhejiang Fend Deng machine manufacture co., LTD. is located in the beautiful ancient city of Shao Xing,formerly known as Shaoxing food machinery factory, founded in 1956, is the famous domestic rice milling machinery, oil machinery manufacturing enterprises. In 2002, the reform of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises staff quality in combination with the vitality of new system, make good harvest company develop rapidly.

      Fend Deng company is specializing in the production of rice polishing machine backbone enterprises, at present, the company has staff more than 100 people, in pin machine more than 1000 sets. Currently has MPGT, MP, D/S three series of 15 kinds of models, can meet different scale, different regions, different raw grain of the masses of users needs. The company has accumulated more than 20 years of rice polishing machine design, manufacturing experience, combined with customer first service philosophy, over the years has been the domestic industry leading polishing machine products. Because the birds, so fine! Company will continue to focus on rice polishing machine products, excelsior dedication to users more perfect, more worry products, the company will be adhering to the low-key life, high-profile work standards of behaviour, with customers, mutual trust, mutual win!

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